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In 2023, 2fawcett recruitment have raised over £10,000+ for Support Dogs UK. This meant we got to name a Support Dog Puppy in September – Who we named Rufus. Managing Director and Founder, Anna-Maria Bains, sadly lost her family pet – called Rufus in August 2023 after 12 wonderful, loving years. The Miniature Schnauzer was a loyal friend to everyone he met, and with his cheeky character, lovable character – It was the ideal name choice for our Support Dogs Puppy.


Now 6 months on in his training programme to become an assistance dog. Puppy Coordinator, Karlie Wilson, and Corporate Partnerships Manager, Chris Daykin, keep us up to date with Rufus’ progress!


“Rufus is now 7 months old and is doing really well with his puppy training.  He has recently completed his 6-month assessment and has excelled.  On the assessment we grade the pups out of 5 with 1 being poor and 5 being excellent.  At 6 months of age, we expect our pups to obtain a score of 3 which is average.  Rufus scored mostly 4’s and 5’s which is above average for his age.”


“We do have some things to work on though, Rufus has recently had a couple of bad experiences with off lead dogs which were out of control and scared him a little.  This did knock his confident a little however, we have worked hard on this and he is now gaining his confidence again.  He has been on holiday cover with his Puppy Coordinator to spend time with her dogs who are very friendly and love puppies.  He has also been spending time with socialisers friend’s dogs which has helped.  He has also had some play dates with our dogs in training which he enjoyed.” 


“Overall Rufus is a happy, friendly little boy.  He loves a cuddle and is very affectionate.  He is very smart and picking up his training quickly.  We’re happy with his progress so far and looking forward to seeing how he progresses.”


We are extremely delighted with Rufus’ progress through his first 6 months of puppy school, and we will keep you updated on his progress over the coming months!